3 months

I thought I would explain what I am doing for my family.

After reading "The Total Money Makeover" and while I have been working on step 3, I decided that why can't I take advantage of the sales and stock up my pantry, freezer, frig like I am with my bank account. So I have been just getting a couple of extra things everytime I go to the store. Then I found this website http://foodstoragemadeeasy.net/babysteps/step-3-three-months-of-normal-food/ and downloaded the 3 month excel program. (also, a tutorial video is on that site) I filled out all the meals and ingred. that I needed for the month, and now I know how much more I need to have a 3 months supply of food in my home. (now only if I knew 30 different dinner recipes :D) Now I am just getting 5-6 different things that I need so that I have that list completed.

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