Did you know?

Did you know that..............

Best Buy will match prices. They will do the research online and give you the item for the lower price.
We purchased a camera there and let them know that Sam's club had the
camera for a cheaper price about $80+ and Fry's electronics had the memory
card for a cheaper price too about $60+ cheaper. So they just typed up some things on
the computer to verify and we had a camera and memory card for about $140
cheaper then they were asking. One stop shopping and lower prices.

Walmart - will match prices as well. You just need to be prepared to let them know what store has what ad. Sometimes you need to show them the ad so that they believe you, other times they just key in the change of price and don't ask for verification. The problem I have with Walmart is that they don't always..........know what they are doing. A lot of times I find it easier to just go to 2-3 different stores then to have to deal with Walmart.

Sam's Club - Has a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the fruit etc then you just take it back.

Vons - has been sending out additional ads on Thursday that are good for the following Sunday - Tuesdays with some great products on sale. Start looking for them in your mailboxes.

Smiths - twice a year has a caselot sale. Where last year I purchased Jif Peanut Butter for 99cents, Corn for about 58cents, canned Mandrine oranges for 33cents. Etc.

Phonebook - in the back of our Vegas phonebook they have random coupons. Just realized that today.

If I think of anymore I will just add to this. :D

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  1. Crap. Just threw out my phone book because I only use Google for phone numbers!