What is your goal?

I was thinking today about our goals. What is the reason for you reading this blog?
~Do you want to get current on your bills?
~Do you want to raise your credit score?
~Are you on one income and finding it harder and harder to make it?
~Are you wanting to pay off the credit cards?
~Are you wanting to get the $1000 emergency money in your savings?
~Are you wanting to get 1 weeks of bills in your savings?
~Are you wanting to get 1 month of bills in your savings?
~Do you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck?
~Are you wanting to .............................

whatever you are wanting we are all in the same boat just different sides of it. :D

What can you do this week to get yourself closer to your goal? (this is where you respond)

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  1. Sell it on Craigslist! If you aren't using it, sell it! Cash in the bank is always better than junk in the garage!