More bank promotions

I got a phone call from US Bank today, letting me know that they are once again having the $75 free grocery promotion I mentioned earlier in my posts. The catch is, you have to be a new customer, open with $50, and this time you do not have to use the money on groceries you can purchase whatever you want. That is a great deal.
Can I just say.... I think it is funny that US Bank called me. They know that I have been spreading the word and needed my Big Mouth or Typing Fingers I guess. LOL

Two banks just recently closed so everyone is trying everything they can to get your business. This is an ad I received yesterday for Washington Mutual. The code to get this promo is on the second scan to follow. If you click on the picture it should zoom in for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. I did this promo in July with WaMu and then when I got my $125, I took $100 over to US Bank and opened an acct there and got my $75. So really I didn't use any money out of pocket. It was all FREE money! Who can't use some FREE money!