Caselot sale at Smiths

Caselot starts today at Smiths it usually runs for 2 weeks but I am not 100% sure because I didn't receive my ads today in the mail. (Darn Holidays LOL) 

Click HERE to check out all the deals.

Smiths usually has a caselot sale twice a year, September and around April.
My goal is to find the items that I use and stock up enough at the rock bottom price to get me to the next sale in April. Some of the items that that have made my list are:
Mandarin Oranges  $.44
Peanut Butter  $1.39
Canned Mushrooms $.50
green chilies  $.50
Libby's Veggies $.59
Krogar Cheese 32oz $5.99 = $1.49 for 8oz (good price)
Brown sugar 2lb $1.25 (Samsclub breaks down to $1.70 for 2lb)
Black, and Kidney beans $.50
Just to let you know, I don't think I am going to be getting a case of any of these.  I am going to get as many as I need to fill up my pantry to the way it was last April.  You don't need to get the case to get the great deal!

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