I'm BACK!!!

I have received all your emails, I am so lucky to have people worried about me.  I am fine, just trying to get a balance in my life.  WOW, Who knew that taking a Kindergartener back and forth to school (3 hours) would be so tough.  We are in afternoon K, which is good, but it takes me 25 min to drive to school so we are eating lunch at 11am (before we were eating around 12:30-1ish) and we are in the car on the road by 11:42.  That sounds like plenty of time right? WRONG!!! My kids feel that it is fun to just mess around and not eat so then we end up rushing around like chickens with are heads cut off.  Imagine the horror of all day first grade next year, which starts at 8:20AM. AHHHHHHH.

The other fun part about having half day Kindergarten is, because it is not just down the street, I have to decide what we are going to do to entertain us for the 3 hours. (Us = My 3 yr old Daughter and I)  It's amazing how fast that times go by.  Today we got my daughter her very first haircut, and after the haircut we had about an hour and half before we had to start heading back to the school.  Do we drive all the way home and hang out for 30-45 minutes or do we find something else to do.  We are getting good at finding other things to do but I can tell that other things in my life are lacking because I am in the car all day. (Like how 4 hours just turned into all day?)   

So right now I am working on better time management so that I can still find the best deals and share them with all of you without neglecting my family at the same time.   I did look into getting a laptop so that I can work on the deals from the car while waiting for my little man to get out of school, but it is about $60 a month for that Wi-Fi card thingy (yes that is the technical term) and that is just not going to happen right now.   So in the mean time I am back to my calendar and a pencil and that time management thing. 

Thanks again for all of your lovely words and thoughts.

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