Getting organized

I have been really working on getting organized.  I get lots of great deals but then I was putting them in buckets under my bathroom sink or in the laundry room cabinets.  I would forget that I had items or think I had fewer items than I really did.  

That is all going to change now.... My DH put up a peg board today in my laundry room.  WOOHOO!!!!!
I took all the items that have "hooks" and found them a home.  I love that I can see in just a second that I have plenty of tape for Christmas or that I might look for some G2 pens deals soon (DH favorite pens). 

Thanks for letting me share my favorite wall in my laundry room. :) (The other wall are boring anyway)


  1. GREAT idea! It's always nice finding new ways of organizing. Whenever I've had big garage sales, I've used pegboard too. It's like having an extra table or two and everything looks so nice & neat & easy to see everything at a glance. I'm thinking pegboard would also work in a closet if you don't have a laundry room (like me). I used to use pegboard in our small water heater closet and I used it to hang tools (have to use that little closet for things that are non-flamable).

  2. I love this idea. I wish I had a walk in closet because I would probably put on there too.