What did you buy with $.47?

I went to Walmart to take advantage of price matching and coupon overage.

This is what I purchased:
12 Campbells Cream of Chicken / Mushroom soup (priced matched Food 4 Less $.48ea)  $5.76
4 Travel size Tide $.97ea    $3.88
3 bags of Cotton Balls  $.98ea    $2.94
1 Rubbing Alcohol  $1.24
For a total of  $14.47 with tax.
I used:
2 - $2/1 off ANY Campbells product (got mailed for commenting on what a wonderful product they have) 
   Walmart accepts OVERAGE so I was able to use $2 off coupon for a $.48 item. WOOHOO!!
2 - $1/5 Campbells great for cooking found HERE
4 - $2/1 ANY Tide coupon from the PG 10/30 (again OVERAGE!!!)
for a GRAND TOTAL OF $.47 OOP.
I know I will get some emails on why I purchased Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Balls. Well simply... they were on my list for the future needs and I was doing my best to make my total as LOW as possible.

I think 47 cents is pretty good for all the items I purchased (about 2.3 cents an item).


  1. Thanks alot!

    Where did you find the trial size Tide---up in the front of the store with all the trial sizes?

  2. Hi Pcothran,
    I found them by the health and beauty area (I know that sounds crazy) but it is with all the travel size lotions and soaps etc.
    I hope this helps.

    If you end up getting them please share your transaction with us. :)