Free Fries at Wendys

Isn't it crazy to think of a world without texting?
It was just a few years ago (ok, 10yrs ago) that I had unlimited texting on my phone but NO ONE ELSE even had this new feature, now I can't go anywhere without my phone chimming with another text page. 
Now you can get Free Fries by TEXT!  Can you imagine. :)
Right now if you text FRIES to 81229, you will receive a text back within a few minutes with a unique coupon. 
If you don't have unlimited texting you will be charged your normal texting service charge. 

Wendy's has even more texting meal deals. You can view a the complete list of Wendy’s text coupons here.

thanks KCL


  1. Have you tried this yet? This seems like one of those "seems too good to be true" deals.

    1. Aisha,
      NO I have not personally done it but I know lots of people that use the mobile coupons all the time.

  2. Oh! Free food! Always a winner! I remember 8 years ago when I got my first text. I was like "What is this? How did Chris send me words?" Within two weeks I could send a message without even looking. Now they've got these dang qwerty phone pads...

    1. FemmeFrugality,
      I know how can we live without texting. lol

      My son saw a pay phone one time when we were out and didn't understand why it was there when people all have phones in there pockets. :) I had to explain to him that back in the olden days when I was in HS, we didn't have cell phones, we had 25 cents in our shoe in case we needed to call home. He was shocked. LOL