My AH-HAH moment

 Don't you just hate cleaning your oven? 
I think that cleaning the oven is the worst job in the whole world.  I mean sticking your head in the oven and wiping down the whole thing is horrible. Now I know that most of you probably have new beautiful ovens that have self cleaning but lets imagine for a minute that I don't.  
For the last couple of weeks I have been smelling gas everytime I walk in the kitchen.  Of course my husband thinks I am crazy so I just let it go.  Well Saturday things changed!  My man finally smelled it, the horrible gas smell that I have been talking about.  I called the gas company this morning, as I was out and about, thinking I had to make an appointment between 12-4 or 2-6 blah blah blah. Well guess what? When you mention you smell gas they are at your house IMMEDIATELY!  I told them that I was not home and the dispatcher informed me that it is ok the gas man is on his way to SHUT MY GAS OFF.  WOW I was shocked, but I guess they don't want to take any chances with gas leaks.  I get home an hour later to a tag on my door telling me that I missed him, they shut off my gas and now I need to call them to turn it back on. (DUH) I called the number and they put me back on the schedule.  I guess since the gas was already shut off I am no longer the priority because it took them 3 hours to get here. :( 
Anyway the technician finally gets here and I told him that I think it is from my oven.  He goes out and turns back on my gas and went into the garage to check out the water heater, then in my laundry room (did I mention that the laundry room is one of my HOT SPOTS and I really don't want people to see that room) and then finally to the oven. 
He could smell the gas smell right away and immediately took off the door to my oven, then the racks, then the bottom and finally the broiler area. 
You know the first thing I thought and actually said out loud was, "WHAT? You can take all of that out? I have been cleaning this oven with my head stuck in it all this time? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!"  It is always good to know that I didn't really think about the fact that he could actually smell the gas and that I have been cooking in that oven for the last couple of weeks.  I was just concerned with the cleaning aspects of my oven.
I did have a gas leak in the oven!  The bolt that holds the gas line within the oven was not tight at all. In fact he could take if off with his bare hand  (that is not good, just saying). 
He was able to easily fix it and I do not have to purchase another oven.  I am really ok with my old oven that is paid for, and now that I know I can take it apart to clean it makes it look even better. 
Just to let you know, these pictures are not of a clean oven they are of MY OVEN! :)


  1. Glad you caught that. Gas leaks are NO JOKE!

    1. I agree! We are VERY lucky. I have been cooking in that oven every night. Thank GOD it is fixed and that we were not hurt.