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Are you like me?
Are you having problems keeping up with all the day to day things that women like us have to "juggle".  I find myself thinking about dinner around 5pm.  That is way to late at my house to start thinking about it, when it should be in the oven.  

How would you like to know what is for dinner every night?  The Organized Cook has a weekly meal plan system, that when you subscribe, it will send you your weekly grocery list as well as directions on how to make easy and healthy meals.  

I am going to be working with The Organized Cook to provide you with coupon match ups for the weekly meal plan.  Some of these coupons will be regional so if you don't live in Las Vegas your coupons may be a different amount.  

This shopping list is for the Decadence meal plan emailed out 1/30/12.  These prices are only good until tomorrow then the store ads change and I will see what deals match up we can find to save us even more money.

                        boneless skinless chicken breasts- 3-4 lbs (6-8 trimmed breasts)
                            Vons $1.99lb
                            Smiths $1.79lb
                      ground turkey- 2½-3 lbs
                            Vons $8.97 for 3lbs
                       shrimp, jumbo
                             Smiths 5.49lb when you purchase 2lbs
                        blue cheese, crumbled- 4 oz.
                        pepper jack cheese slices- ¼ lb
                              Smiths $2 for 8oz
                        parmesan cheese, shredded- 1 cup
                             Smiths for $2.79 for 8oz
                        shredded cheddar cheese- 16 oz.
                             Smiths for $2 for 8oz
                  (it's cheaper to purchase 2 packages at $2,  instead of paying $4.79 for 16oz)
                        potatoes, russet or gold- 4-5 large
                             Vons $.79lb
                        romaine lettuce- 1 bundle
                             Smiths Organic $2.99
                        avocado- 1
                             Smiths 89cents each
                        tomato, roma, beefsteak or vine-ripened- 2
                             Smiths Roma tomatoes 99cents lb
                        broccoli florets- 2 fresh ready-to-steam bag 16 oz.
                        baby spinach lettuce- 2 precut ready-to-eat bags 12 oz.
                             Safeway farms salad blend $2      
                        green onions- 1 bundle
                             Smiths 50cents each
                        red bell pepper- 1
                             Vons $1
                        mushrooms, sliced- 12 oz.
                             Vons 8oz for $2
                        fresh baby spinach lettuce- 1 precut ready-to-eat bag
                             Safeway farms salad blend $2
                 Gluten-free cornbread mix like *Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix                   
                        chicken broth- 3 14 oz. cans
                        white chocolate- 2 oz. (1 small white chocolate candy bar)
                        Montreal Steak Seasoning *like McCormick’s Montreal Steak
                             I love this seasoning on lots of our meats and chickens. I actually 
                             purchased this at SamsClub for $6.98 for 29oz  It is WAY cheaper 
                             in the long run.
                        orzo pasta- 2 cups
                        kaiser rolls, or hamburger buns
                             Vons Safeway kitchen Hamburger buns
                        cream of celery soup- 1 can  
                            Campbells Condensed Great For Cooking soups, 
                             any .25/4 (3-15-12) SS-1/15
                        cream of cheddar soup- 1 can
                             Smiths $1.50
                             Campbells Condensed Soups, any (excludes chicken noodle, 
                                 tomato or Great for Cooking soups) .40/2 (2-1-12) SS-12/4
                             Campbells Condensed Soups, any 
                                  (excludes "Great for Cooking" soups) .40/2  
                                  (3-15-12) SS(Johnson and Johnson)-1/8
                        great northern beans- 1 15oz. can
                        white navy beans or cannellini beans- 1 15oz. can

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