Our lives....

I know I have been gone for a while, things have been so crazy around here. 

In the middle of January my DH's grandmother, Nana, got really sick.  She had fluid filling up in her lungs and had to have a procedure to drain some of that fluid in her right lung.  While they were in there, they could hear that the left lung was filling up with fluids as well, they also took pictures of her lungs and all her other organs around there, it was full of cancer.  Nana has beat cancer so many times I can't even remember.  It wasn't the cancer we were worried about this time as much as it was the fluid filling back up in her lungs.  She came home to hospice care, it was heartbreaking to see the pain she was going through and to see that PJ, her husband of 64 years, was not be able to do anything to help her, none of us were.  When she left us to go to Heaven, PJ walked up to her, held her hand, brushed her hair, kissed her & told her how much he loved her.

It just absolutely broke our hearts, we knew that she would be in a better place but we didn't want to lose her.  She was out of pain, but it was so hard to see PJ so sad and heart broken over losing the love of his life. 

Earlier this week, 4 weeks after the loss of Nana, the whole family was suppose to go over the house for dinner.  We got a call about 4:30pm telling us not to over because PJ was sick and was throwing up for the last hour.  (PJ had started Kidney Dialysis a couple of weeks ago and we thought it was from this.) PJ got weaker and weaker and actually passed out.  The ambulance was called and when they got there, PJ was talking and joking with them.  Everyone thought that he should still go to the hospital to be checked out, just in case.  As the paperwork was being filled out he passed out again.  I am not sure if that was when it happened or when they were in route to the hospital, but he went to be with the love of his life and our Savior in Heaven that night.

When I was growing up, my grandfathers on both side had already passed away long before I was born. Nana and PJ were the only grandparents that I really knew that were still a couple.  They were so cute, they were always holding hands, in fact, they were inseparable.   It is actually hard to say Nana's name without saying PJ right after it and vice versa.  They were the kindest people you would ever meet and because of this loss, our lives will never be the same again.

As romantic as it is for them to be together again, it is the ones that are left behind that are so sad because we will miss them terribly.


  1. So sorry to hear of the passing of your loved ones. It's so refreshing to hear of their love for each other after all those years together. And it's nice that they're both together again and will be for eternity with their Lord & Savior. It's always hard for those who are left behind, so I'll be praying for peace and comfort for your family. Hugs :)