Just a reminder that we will NOT be receiving any coupon inserts in this Sunday's Newspaper.  
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter.    
If you want to know which coupons come in the Sunday's paper each week check out the Sunday Coupon Preview. 

If you live in Vegas and don't get the Review Journal but would be interested if it wasn't an arm and a leg, check this out.
Are you wanting coupons but really are annoyed that the Las Vegas Review Journal Sunday paper is $3 EACH.  I was too, until I found another way of getting my papers (yep I said paperS) at a cheaper rate.  I have teamed up with Grocery Smarts to offer my Vegas Readers a killer deal. 
You can get up to 8 Sunday ONLY newspapers delivered to your house for as low as $.95ea $.85ea.
I personally have 3 papers delivered to my house.

You can order 1 newspaper for $1.75 $1.42 a week for 6 months up to 7 additional newspaper with even greater savings of $.95 $.85 a paper for 6 months. You can see that is big difference from the $3 per newspaper that everyone else is selling NOT DELIVERED.

If you are interested you can click the link HERE and take advantage of these GREAT DEALS.

If you live in UT, California, or Idaho click here for great deals in your area.  

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