Saving Money: Sally Hansen

I don't know about you but I have been trying really hard to save money where ever I can.  One of the things I have cut out is waxing my brows.  It would cost about $15 + tip every 3 weeks or so. That adds up to about $340 a year.  
At first I was really scared to wax my own brows, that I would do something wrong and look like a total freak but it is so much easier than I thought (and no one has ever told me that I looked crazy.....yet).  :)
I have been purchasing Sally Hansen Wax Kit, it has clear directions and is really easy to use.
So when I saw this coupons I printed it out immediately. 
Yesterday, I picked up one from Walmart.

$2.00 off any Sally Hansen Wax KitSally Hansen Eyebrow wax kit $5.19
Total OOP $3.19

This will last 3-6 months, that is a huge savings every year.
What are some ways you are saving money?

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