Avengers is back on the big screen this weekend

I was invited to preview Marvel Avengers prior to it’s release today Friday, May 4th. 
Please don't tell my son because I was only given one ticket, if he found out he would not only be jealous but he would probably think we were punishing him for something he did.  For all of you who don't know, everyone in my house LOVES Superheros. In fact, my son's nursery was decorated in Marvel SuperHeros. 
He usually runs around the house blasting people, his little sister, with his Repulsor Beam Blaster and saving us from the evilness of this world, while his little sister screams, "Tony Stark, Tony Stark Stop shooting me!" 
This is my Ironman!
I think this kid has every item that came out for Ironman!  Little obsessive I know, but he's the Hero of choice.
So you can just imagine my excitement when I was asked to preview Marvel Avengers and tell my readers what I thought.
Then I started really thinking about it.  Although, I have seen Ironman 1 and 2 about a million times each, I haven't seen Captain America or Thor yet (my boys had father/son days which leaves the girls to wait for BluRay) and have never heard of Hawkeye and only ever heard of Black Widow from Ironman 2.  I was worried for nothing, if you have missed any of the other movies leading up to this one (Ironman 1 and 2, Thor, Captain America or Incredible Hulk) don't worry, they tell you just enough about each character so that you are not lost and you know exactly what is going on.
The actors that were picked were perfect. I love when a movie "sequel" uses the same actors that fit so well.  We can just ignore the fact that Mark Ruffalo joined in as Bruce Banner because he did a fantastic job!  Speaking of Incredible Hulk, I don't know about you but I thought the special effects on Incredible Hulk movie starring Ed Norton was less than appealing.  I come from old school were Lou Ferrigno is our Incredible Hulk.  (I just looked at old pictures and I am a little embarrassed to say that but it's true.)  He is a "real" person and it was more believable than the HUGE computer animated creature created for the movie. Anyway, back to THIS movie, the Incredible Hulk was more believable than any other movie we saw him in. The special effects in this movie were great.
All in all, this movie is action packed from even before the credits started.  It had great writing, great special effects, great humor and whether or not you are into the comic book superheros, I think you will enjoy this movie.  It far exceeded my expectations.  They have some pretty big shoes to fill with any other future Movies.
As I said before, my 6 year old little man loves SuperHeros and he has been talking about Avengers since the S.H.I.E.L.D agents were introduced in Ironman.  I am so happy to say that I will approve him seeing this movie. I didn't hear one cuss word and their is no inappropriate behavior at all.
Thank you Disney and Marvel for making such a great movie that we can share with our little ones and our love for SuperHeros without the worry of what they might see.
I am so glad that I was able to attend the premier with my VegasBlogger gals, if I couldn't be with my family; friends are the next best thing. 
This is definitely a must see for all ages!

Who is your favorite SuperHero?


  1. Loved it! Great, now you can take your own little Super Hero son to see it!

  2. So glad to hear it was good, my 6yr old isn't too into the super hero but to see it & forking out that cash for a crappy movie sucks. I was happy not to see any "Spoiler Alerts" either.

  3. Thanks for the review! We weren't sure if we could take the kids, glad to hear it is kid-friendly!!

  4. I am now super excited to see this movie. I was worried that I would not be able to follow the characters since I have not seen many of the previous movies. My family loved Ironman and are super stoked to see this one. Thanks Geri for the recommendation. As far as my favorite superhero, I've always tended to lean towards the lady heros (or villians). Catwoman (Michele Phieffer not Haley's horrible rendition) was always a favorite of mine. Let's hope Black Widow will make me revise my list.

  5. Thank you so much for the review. I am glad to know that when we go see this I will be able to follow along because I have not seen all of the movies. I loved your review awesome job. Hope your son enjoys.

  6. Thanks for the review. The whole family loved it! Some knew all the characters, some of us none, but everyone enjoyed. Little advice though, make sure you stay through the ENTIRE credits. There are 2 scenes you might miss!!