Disney~Pixar’s BRAVE

Disney~Pixar’s BRAVE comes out in Theaters 
Friday, June 22nd. 
 I had the wonderful opportunity to see the movie 
earlier this week.

My little princess has been so excited about this film since the commercials have been airing on TV.    I think she is planning on being Princess Merida for Halloween. That is when you know you have a winning movie/character, when the kiddos are already planning Halloween costumes in June. 

Personally, I thought Brave was a fantastic movie. I love how they featured the princess as a kick butt, take care of yourself kinda gal.  Sometimes movies aimed toward the kiddos are a little predictable but I have to admit this one surprised me a couple of times. Without getting into too much information and ruining it for you; I will tell you that Brave is about young Princess Merida, who is tired of all the traditional mumbo jumbo that is expected from her because she is the Princess. One of which is arranged marriages, the first born of the great leaders must prove they are the best to have Merida's hand in marriage. Merida on the other hand, wants to choose her own destiny, and I can't blame her, you can see by the picture below of the lords and the sons she had to chose from.

You can imagine the problem that can cause a family, especially a royal family, so needless to say everything is chaos after that.  Merida gets desperate and seeks to change her fate. 
If you had the chance to change your destiny, would you?
This movie has the same charm we have come to expect from Disney but has a lot of new twists we don't. 

Disclaimer: I am not sure if it is because of the loud surround sound in the theater or just what was happening at the time (don't want to say and spoil the film for you) but their were a couple of parts that my 4 year was scared. She didn't have nightmares or anything but she did turn away and cuddle in my arms. I spoke with another little guy age 7 on the way out of the movie and he was scared at certain parts too.  I am not saying you should not bring your little ones but I thought that you should know.

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  1. Thanks fo review and the heads up.I love that Disney is finally using females as the heros. It's nice to see the woman have a role in a Disney movie that's not just about finding love or being someone's bride.