Chilis Free Chips & Queso dip

Who doesn't love Chips and Queso dip?  I personally think it is better because it is free. The taste, the smell, everything is just better when it is free.  When you head over and sign up to Chili's email club, you will not only score a coupon for FREE chips and queso dip but you will also receive coupons every once in a while for other items.  Yesterday I received and email offering us free dessert or appetizer.  Not a bad deal!

Who is going to get some FREE Chips & Queso?


  1. Yahoo! Scored my Free chips and queso from Chilis last night!

    1. WOOHOO! I am so glad you got them.
      I love the chips and Queso dip, but doesn't it just taste better when it's free? :)