Frugal meals. . . Have any ideas?

We are on a really strict budget.  What are some frugal meals that you make your family?


  1. Here is my summer menu:

    If you need any chili powder for some meatless chili, you know I have some! :)

    Make some bean burritos, pasta with sauce (no meat), spanish rice (no meat), and teach your children to like soup! They will get used to it and they will eat it; it might take a while, but they will. Don't offer a second option, and they will learn to eat it. Soup is WAY less money than sandwiches. Peanut butter sandwiches are expensive.

    Also, you can come use my wheat grinder anytime.

    If you're not making oatmeal for breakfast, break open your oats! It costs me .22 for 4 cups of oats plus brown sugar (Sam's Club) for everyone but dh. .22 total for breakfast for the children rocks!

  2. My go-to frugal meal is a whole roasted chicken {bought at like .99cents/pond} with potatoes and carrots, both pretty cheap too. Would love to hear your frugal recipes!

  3. I'm all about the frugal meals too! My favorites are: bean burritos (with homemade refried beans), whole chicken (like De Su Mama suggested)...I have a grilled butterflied whole chicken on my blog which is another way of using a cheap whole chicken without using the oven. Another super cheap one (and healthy) is having salad one day of the week (in the winter, I usually do soup one day of the week)...we do our own "salad bar" at home. I also like going meatless at least once a week to help save on money.