Food 4 Less Deals for week 9/19

Food for Less on Craig is celebrating a Grand Reopening and has some great deals, unfortunately they are not advertised at the other stores so I am not sure if you will find them at other locations.

Lala Drinkable Yogurts $0.78
Buy One get One Free Lala Smoothie (Zipcode 90210)
Pay $0.39

Minute Maid Fruit Punch or Lemonade 59oz $0.98

Kroger 24pk water $2.50

Grand ReOpening sale on Craig store

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cheerios and Select Varieties $2.00
$0.75 off ONE BOX of Wheaties cereal
$1.00 off TWO BOXES of Cheerios cereals
$1.00 off 2 General Mills Big G cereals
$0.50 off ONE BOX Cookie Crisp cereal 
Pay $1.25

Campbells Chunky soup $1.00
$1.00 off (3) Campbell's Healthy Request soups
Pay $ 0.66ea

Kelloggs Fruit Snacks $1.66
$1.00 off any TWO Kellogg's Fruit Snacks
Pay $1.16

Kotex Pads14-24ct or Tampons 18ct  $2.31
$2.00 off 2 packages of KOTEX Natural Balance
Pay $1.31

Bananas $0.25lb

Whole Chickens $0.78lb

IceBerg Lettuce $0.50

7up, Sunkist, Squirt or Hawaiian Punch $0.68
(Must buy 4)

Pork SpareRibs $1.48lb

Chicken Leg Meat $1.17lb

Wessons cooking oil $2.50

Gatorade $0.68

Mahatma Rice 5lbs $1.98

Koolaid Jammers $1.98

Pork Shoulder Roast $0.98lb

Red leaf/Green leaf/Romaine letuce .78

Gala apples .88/lb

Navel oranges .56/lb

Cantelope .50/lb

Colgate Toothpaste 6.4oz $0.88


  1. Craig store also has .88 Colgate toothpaste, which I forgot to get today!

    Red leaf/Green leaf/Romaine letuce .78

    Gala apples .88/lb

    Navel oranges .56/lb

    Cantelope .50/lb

    They had a ton of samples out this morning. They were very good!

  2. thanks Brandy! I added them, too bad my Food 4 Less isn't "ReOpening" I want great deals without the drive. :)