Wreck it Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph opens in theaters on November 2nd.

My kids have been talking about Wreck it Ralph since the second the commercials was aired. So needless to say we were all excited to get a sneak peek of the film and write a little 2 cents of what I thought. Let's not discount the cool factor that I will also earn by taking my kids to the movie they have been "dying" to see for these long couple of weeks.
Wreck-It Ralph is a hilarious, arcade-game-hopping adventure, about Ralph, who is sick of being the villain, and who longs to be the hero. Ralph goes on adventures through so many great games of the past and renditions of the games out today, to earn what he longs for... a medal, which in turn will hopefully bring respect and acceptance by his "peers/co-workers".

On his journey he meets this little spit fire of a child, Vanellope von Schweet. What is not to love about her? Look into those big brown eyes! Her sassy butt is hilarious, the stuff that was coming out of her mouth had the whole audience cracking up.

One of the best parts about Wreck it Ralph to me was the animation and attention to details. If you are in the era of the Nintendo and Sega, you are going to be in for a trip down memory lane. I know that the graphics in the 80's and 90's games were not what they are today; but the pixelated icons and sound effects is what I grew up on. I would rather play those games over some of the game of today. Don't worry if you were born in the last 20 years, you will still enjoy the movie you will just have missed out on the coolest video games in the world. Stinks for you!

I have to be honest, we all LOVED this movie!!!

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