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Y'ALL are killing me about starting a money saving blog. LOL
Here I am. I really have no idea what to tell you or what you want/need to know. I guess I just assume that everyone is doing the same things I am and they are just not that important.
Incase you haven't heard (but being my friends I know you have) US bank (in most grocery stores) are having a promotion right now. If you open a FREE checking account, they will reimburse you up to $75 in free groceries. Either you use there debit/credit card for $20 here and $24 there until you get to $75 and turn that in, or you can do what I did. I went MAD shopping stocking up on all the meats and fish that were on sale. I had my list and my total came up to $77.80. I swipped my card to pay for it and got out of line and with my cart and all got into the US bank line, gave them my receipt and got reimbursed (took 24 hrs) but that paperwork stuff was done and I got a cart FULL of groceries for a total of $2.8.
I am having my man go in there on Monday and open himself an account so we can do the same thing. I think I should add that US bank is not our main bank. I only have the initial $100.00 I opened the account with (you don't need that much) minus the $2.80 from the overage of the groceries. I only keep it open now because if I need to cash a check and I am at the grocery store I can because I have a bank right there. So no need to decide with the men to totally switch banks etc. If you want to do that then that is fine but not the point of this post information.
I will be back with grocery shopping tips later.

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  1. I think you have the greatest idea's. Don't be fouled Geri has so many great ideas. I can not wait for you all to hear them.