Regarding how I shop for groceries. I just get the ads on Tuesday or Wednesday and see what is on sale, and pick what I am cooking or stocking up on. For example.

Deals right now June 3 - 9

VONS right now they are having a mix and match sale. If you purchase 10 items on the sale you will receive $5 off instantly. NO LIMITS So, if you want 100 items you go for it.
For example. GM cereals (cherrios and Cim. Toast Crunch) are $2 a box if you purchase 10 then you will get them for $1.50 a box. If you go on you can print out a $1 off coupon for 3 boxes. If you used 3 of those coupons (for the 9 boxes) then you are spending $12 and receiving 10 boxes of cereal. $1.20 a box. Even the prices of generic can't come close to that.

FYI every time I go to any store I go to the cereal aisle and see if they have any coupons in those machine thingys.

Smiths. Chicken Breasts $1.89 lb
Milk $1.89 What I have found is that Smiths is the cheapest on milk.
Kelloggs cereal or poptarts 5 - $10 Coupons were in the red plum this week for $1 a box (3 of them in there)
Krogar tuna $0.59

Albertsons is claiming that they are lowering prices on THOUSANDS OF ITEMS up to 20%.
Well...... I have not found anything in there ads that are on sale or cheaper then any other store. I think they are trying to go out of business with those prices.
for example Albertsons advertised cheerios for $3.19 a box. If you read above that is NOT CHEAPER OR LOWERED! Good job Albertsons on trying to be "my store"

PS If you do not receive the ads in the mail every week, just log on to the individual stores and view the ads. FYI the ads change every Wednesday morning at 6am.

More later :D


  1. Yep! I actually had a coupon for $1 off Velveeta Shells and Cheese which was the 10th item. So I got 9 boxes of cereal and a box of Velveeta Shells and cheese for $8.80 because there was another coupon in the Vons ad for $1.69 off General Mills cereal or something so the cashier gave me that too!

  2. WOOHOO!! That is the way to do it!