DH has figured it out!

I can't believe I am turning into one of THOSE people that need to blog, but I have to tell you all what happened today.

After 5 1/2 yrs of marriage my husband has it figured out. :D

My husband got a check from a side job. (we have had problems in the past with checks being deposited into our personal account and they had NSF, so now the rule in our house is you go to the bank that the check is from and cash it there so we don't have to pay a fee because they wrote a bogus check.) Anyway, DH went to the bank that the check was written from. (I have an account there but DH has not had time to get the paperwork to be on it joint with me) The bank was going to charge him $5 just to cash the check. My husband is learning and I love it! He told them that I had an account there and could they waive the fee. At first the banker said that she could not, but DH said the magic words, "so you are telling me that if my wife came in here and closed up her account because of not waiving a fee of $5 you would be ok with that?" I have never been prouder of him. I know it is only $5 but that would have really made me mad. It is our money not the banks.


  1. That's awesome!!! I never understood the point of those stinkin' fees. Its because of fees like those that I DON'T want an account "there"

  2. Very proud. But who is DH and will BM be angry you are seeing someone else?! Hahaha. Is DH an appreviation for Dear Husband? My Dear Husband is going to US Bank tomorrow with his birthday money and getting an account for the free $75 in groceries! Hope they have those in Smiths because $75 in Albertsons free groceries just isn't the same.