Groceries sales starting Wednesday, June 10th

Well well well...
Albertson is doing great this week. I am once again not going to even bother when them or the lower prices they are claiming. (whatever are they thinking is lower)
Vons - has the mix and match again. Something are different but the same concept. Check out the ads and see if any of the items are what your family would eat.
Chicken breasts are still at 1.89 lb
Milk 1.89
dozen eggs 99cents
cant believe it is not butter. 1.69 ~~~ normal price is 3.19
Ground beef 85% 1.89lb
Kraft Cheese 6-8oz 2 for $3
Berries 3 for $5
10lb potatoes 1.79
So really it is not much different then last week. That is the jist of the ads.
So what I do next is think of what kind of meal I want to cook next week that will go with the sales. My son said yesterday that he wanted Tacos so it just great that ground beef and cheese are on sale this week. (I will pick up about 5-10lbs of ground beef and divide them up and wrap them up with the food saver then I will freeze them for when I do need to cook with them later in the month.) So that is one meal done. Then chicken breasts ummm Maybe I will make chicken Pad Thai or chicken stir fry. I have ALL the ingredience to make that so I will just get more chicken. That is 2 meals. I just do that until I have at least 5 meal ideas in the house. My kids are still small so 5 meals in my house a week are plenty.
Does that make sense?

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