How I personally shop and the weekly ads

I am going to start all over and try and explain things better. I have decided, because my DH is on commission and his paycheck is different each and every week, that I want to have 3 months of food in my freezer, pantry and/or frig at all times. That way if his check is very low etc I will be able to feed my family and not worry about it. I started with a spreadsheet that I found on a website called the link for the spreadsheet I am using is On the food storage made easy site it will have a video tutorial to explain how to use the spreadsheet. I personally don't have 30 dinners on my list at this time but I have 19 and I'm working on having all the ingredients for those 19 for 3 months. So I would look at that list and see if any of the ingredients that I need are on sale this week. This week at Food 4 Less ( they have Tilapia (3lb) and Catfish (2.5 lb) bags on sale for $8.98. Which is a great deal! They are individually wrapped and frozen for convenience. I know that we eat fish about once or twice a week and my spreadsheet says that I need 15 fillets of catfish so I am going to pick up 3 bags since it is a great deal. Tilapia says I need 15 as well but I have 9 so I will just pick up 1 bag, to make those two items complete. I am only getting these items right now because they are usually $11-13 a bag so $8.98 is a great savings. While I am at Food4Less I see in the ad that if I purchase $25 (I will with the fish) I can use a coupon for $.39 tuna can limit 4. I don't NEED tuna right now but $.39 is a great deal so I will pick those up too. Same with the Gatorade $.49 and the dozen eggs $.69. I can't really tell you when I am going to eat each item I am purchasing this week but I can tell you that when we are craving fish or eggs etc we will have them in the house. Krogar canned veggies are $.58 that is a great price. That is the price I think we paid during the case lot sale in April. (back then I got 2 cases of Corn and one case of Green Beans. I don't have to worry about whether or not I have those on hand. :D )
Same goes for the other stores..... Albertsons (which I am surprised) made my shopping list this week,( has a 3 day special going on Friday - Sunday.... 6oz blueberries of $.99, Mission chips $.99 and Pepsi 24pk $4.99. My DH likes to have a Pepsi every once in a while so I am just picking them up to be nice. :D The chips can be a nice treat with tacos & nachos. etc. (OK with the Nachos they are a must but you know what I mean) Blueberries are just a nice and refreshing treat so I am picking them up. OHHHH I almost forgot. My family probably goes through about 2-3 boxes of cereal a week. Albertsons also has General Mills cereals: Multi grain and honey nut Cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, cookie crisp, golden grahams, cocoa puffs, fruit gushers, fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, and fruit by the roll on sale for $1.88 each. If you go on or you can print up coupons for the cereals and fruit snacks etc. Their is no limit to the sale price and you don't have to by a bunch to qualify, but if you buy 4 in one transaction then you will get a coupons/voucher for a free one night RED BOX movie rental. With the coupons I found, $.75 a box for the Cheerios and the $1.00 for 2 fruit snacks I feel that this is a Fantastic deal. I will probably get as many as I have coupons for. The Chicken breasts for $1.89 are a good price too. I already have 20 breasts in my freezer so I am not going to pick anymore up but that is a great price.
Smiths ( seems to always have my staples. Milk $1.89, yogurt $.40, eggs $.99 (but I am getting mine at Food4Less) 16oz cheese they are advertising it in 2 places in this weeks ad, one says 2-$5 and the other says $2.99 I am confused but I WILL be getting mine for the cheaper price. Sour cream and cottage cheese $1, corn dogs (which is an emergency meal for the kids) $3.99. Seems like Smiths is lower in prices everyday then the others, unless they are having a great sale.
Vons (the link is not coming up for me so I can't post it for you) has been doing great lately but maybe the fact that I have alot of "stock" or they just don't have that much on sale this week. The only thing that even caught my attention was the 3 day sale of Cocoa Krispes for $.99 limit 1. I don't know if I am going to go all the way to Vons for that but it is a really good deal.
Again, I plan my meals based on what is on sale this week and getting a little extra for the next time. I didn't start off getting 20 chicken breasts. I just get a little more each time they are on sale and now I have 20. I do have a monthly grocery budget and I am staying within that. I am not going into debt to accomplish this. I am only checking out that ads and working my meals and planning ahead. Last week because I didn't really see anything that I really needed on sale I only spent $5 on our groceries. we still had great meals. and we still had great meals this week.
I have also started to use this same plan with non-food items. If toothpaste is on sale for $1 and I have a coupon to make that half or FREE then I get as many as I can. I personally have 14 tubes of toothpaste in my house right now, because they were free. Same with Shampoo and Conditioner, I found a killer deal and stocked up. I think I have about 14 shampoos and 11 Conditioners and each bottle was only $.46. I could not pass that up.
Hopefully that will help you understand why I shop the way I do. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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