weekly ads July 22 - July 28th

Hi everyone,
I have been so busy last week that I didn't post the ads or what I was planning on purchasing, but I can tell you now what I purchased and 99% of it is on sale this week again at Smiths. So here goes......
Smiths is having a mix and match 10. If you purchase 10 items within the program they will take $5 off your order at checkout. Up to 30 items per transaction.
milk 1.89

What caught my eye in the mix and match with the $5 off were....
Tombstone pizzas (normally $4.40 ea) 2.49
Cream cheese 1.29
Kraft cheese 1.49
2 liters Coke/7up .79
Jif Peanut butter 1.49
Welchs jelly 1.49
sunny D .79
Betty Crocker brownie mix .88 coupons.com and smartsource print out the .75/2 coupons

when you buy 4 GM cereals select varieties they will come out to be 1.50 ea. Go to coupons.com and smartsource they have coupons for cheerios .55 off etc.

Nothing else really caught my eye. Last week I took advantage of the mix and match and feel that I am stocked up for a while.
For example this is what I purchased / coupons I used last week. (I have my Smiths receipt right here.

BC brownie mix (6) $.75 off had 2 of them (making 4 of them 1.01 for 2)
cream cheese
crescent rolls (2)
kraft cheese (2) $1 off (making them $1 each)
Krogar yogart (6)
Milk (3)
Sunny D coupons for .25 off (making it .54)
Tombstone pizzas (10) these are emergency dinners for my DH and I thought it was going to be a good deal to get the cereals on sale but I read the ad wrong and I needed to get extra of other things to get the mix and match 10.
I was sent a coupon from Smiths that if I purchased $50 of product that I would get $5 off my purchase. I was at $49 something so I grabbed some candy bars to get me over the $50 mark.
After all my items and coupons I spent $44.54 and saved 39.50 I am totally stocked up on these items and if there is a potluck that I need to bring a dessert I am ready with the brownies. LOL

when you see my items you think.... what in the world is she going to cook this week. Well, I just needed these items to go with the items I already have in the pantry/freezer/frig.

Have a great week and I hope this helps someone.

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