But Geri....

I am getting ALOT of emails about the way I shop and how I "stock" up on food when they are on sale/coupons etc

I am hearing........

- I don't have a lot of food in my pantry so I can't get extra food every week, I need to worry about this weeks meals and then I will have nothing left.

- I just don't have time to make a weekly grocery list, I shop everyday for the things I need.

Whatever your excuse is for not being able to get extra food when it is on sale. I am here to tell you that if you just clip coupons, and plan your grocery trips by the ads, you will save more money and have a FULLY stocked pantry, freezer, and refrigerator!!!!

HINT: Every 12 weeks the same products will be on sale.

What you see in this picture is what I just went out and got from Smiths. (the plan I posted in my last post)

2 Eggos

2 Keeblers cookies

2 Rice Krispies

2 Mini wheats

2 Yogos

1 gallon of milk

2 loafs of bread

2 pkgs of Danimals

3 peaches

after all coupons and discounts my total was $7.12 remember that same Kelloggs rebate program is still going on, so you could get money back to get all of these groceries.

In this picture you see my second transaction. Remember 4-$4 on Kelloggs at Smiths (Camino El Norte)

2 Eggos

1 box of Raisin Bran

1 Frosted Flakes

3 lbs of Bananas

4 plums

After all my coupons and discounts... My total was $1.92

So needless to say, it is hard for me to understand that you can't come up with another $2 or $8 to have all of these extras in your pantry for your family. Isn't $8 less then the price of 2 value meals at most fast food restaurants?

If you make a goal of even $5 a week extra for sales items, you will be surprised at how fast you will have so much in your pantry.
Please believe me and just try it out for one month.
*** I challenge you all to take an extra $5 and if chicken is on sale for a great price get $5 more of it and freeze it, if ground beef, cereal, can veggies, whatever it is, get a little extra every week and before you know it you will have enough food in your house that if you "didn't feel like" shopping that week, you would not have to. :D <--- What a great goal! On top of everything else, this Rice Krispies has ANOTHER $5 savings pack inside. (got 2) LOL

Be careful with the coupons and getting things on sale for a GREAT price, it can be addicting. You will start looking forward to seeing what is on sale and how much you will save.

Being a Proverbs 31 women, what a great addiction!

I hope I didn't hurt anyones feelings, I am not trying to do that. I am just trying to bring up that ANYONE can save money if they take just a little extra time to plan. I love you all and want you all to be good stewards of the money that GOD has given you. If I can do this anyone can!


  1. I'm not offended! I'm hooked. In "the olden days" when construction was slammin' and I didn't care what I spent on food, I'd spend $400 a week with all the stops I made at the store to "grab a few things" and then my weekly shopping. Today, my grocery budget is $200 per week! My extra stand alone freezer is packed and I've had to put shelves in the garage to put all my extra groceries! I have learned that by clipping coupons, watching the sale ads and shopping wisely, I can get a ton more food for 1/2 the price (example: I can buy 5 boxes of cereal for what I used to pay for 1!!!).
    Geri's right - it's an addiction and one I'm proud of!

  2. I searched the sale papers today not only for groceries but also for SHELVES for my garage to put them on. I found it, too! A 3-shelf wire rack on wheels for $7.50!

  3. Ok Neo...You truely have broke the code! I went to smith's I got 17 items and only spent $9.20 saving $19. I also have all the UPC codes in an enelope to send to Kellogg's for a $10 rebate. I just made 80 cents to buy all those items. I then went to Target to buy my maturnity toiletries (3 months worth) and used my $75 return from the bank. Now I have enough money saved for a new Coach....or diapers lol!