The sale ads usually come in Tuesdays mail. What I would suggest you all do, is make a list of 7-10 meals that your family loves with the ingredients that you need for each one. Then when the ads come tomorrow you will have an idea of what is on sale and then you can plan according to your list as well as the sales. The reason I say 7-10 meals is, if you have a dinner including salmon and salmon is $9.99lb, maybe this week is not the best week to be having that for dinner. So be willing to keep the "salmon" on your list until the price comes down. When it does come down maybe you can pick up enough for 2 or more meals and freeze them, then you will be able to have salmon even if the price went back up for the cheaper price.
I will post more tomorrow after viewing my ads.
Have a great night.


  1. I will be posting the ads info tomorrow because I didn't get my ads in the mail today.

    -You have more time to get your meals list together.

    -Another challenge is put a list of your staples. (I mean like I ALWAYS have peanut butter in my house) What do you ALWAYS want to keep on hand.

  2. We always have cheese and tortillas or bread on hand. A quick grilled cheese or quesadilla in an emergency saves a $20 bill at the fast food drive thru!