Ads and Coupons and Savings OH MY!!! Albertsons

I went to Albertsons, which is not my favorite store because the prices are outrageous!

I had $20 for my next trip coupon that expires on the 17th. Better use the FREE money. :)

If I can get my total to $25 then I can get $10 off a turkey. I have NO idea how to cook a turkey but thought it is good to have in the freezer so if the paycheck gets low etc we have food for a while. :) Now you know my mission is to get my subtotal to $25

I decided that Sara Lee pie and a Breyers Ice cream was a good deal at $2.99 FOR BOTH. Click Here to print off Sara Lee Pie $1 off / 1. Making $3.98 for 2 pies and 2 ice creams.

1 Sara Lee Pies & 1 Breyers Ice cream

1 Sara Lee Pies & 1 Breyers Ice cream

4 oranges

2 Johnsonville sausage

2 toothpaste

5 hotwheel cars

1 10lb Turkey $10.53 - $10 off a turkey. I got that turkey for $.53 :D I am not sure how I did this but after all my coupons and the $20 Albertsons gave me last week my total was $2.19

Note: I really didn't NEED anything, I had $20 that I had to try and figure out how to spend as wisely as possible.

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