Ads and Coupons and savings OH MY!!! Target

I needed to know from Target directly how they want to handle

the price matching and see if they would accept a particular coupon (you know it was that GLADE buy a candle get the refill free LOL) The customer Service lady told me to bring all the items to her and she would help us. I picked up 5 glade oil scented candles and 5 refills. I don't think it was suppose to work but the wonderful CS lady made it happen. All the candles and refills were $2.50 each, for every 5 candles you will get a $5 gift card. (worth trying out) I had 5 - $1.50 coupons and 5 when you purchase a candle get a free refill. After all the coupons and tax my total was $6.22 and she gave me $10 in gift cards. :)

I just did the transaction above to see if it would work, when I saw that it did I got 10 more candles (I had more coupons)
For this transaction I got the same Glade candle and refill deal, then added the Clue game (Target marked $23.99) I showed her my Kmart ad that had this item for $14.99 she changed the price, plus I had a $5 Target printable and a $5/1 Clue printable . Making this item $4.99 + tax.

The same with the Picureka Flipper (Target Marked 23.99) Kmart had it for $14.99, had 1 $5.00/1 Target Coupon and 1 $5 Manufactor coupon making this item $4.99 + Tax. My total after all coupons $17.81. I gave her the $10 gift cards she just gave me and paid only $7.81 OOP Oh yah I also got $10 in giftcards for the candles in this picture. LOL

Thank you Couponing to Disney for this information.

Then I traveled to another Target because I wanted to get the alphebet pad Leapfrog for $.49 and was told that another Target had them. They were right they did have 6 but when getting

to the CS desk they said that we could not Price Match this item because it was a TIMED AD. (I am planning on researching that more because it seems that if Target can get out of accepting a coupon or price matching they WILL)

I needed to get another Clue and Pictureka (woohoo I am almost done shopping for the kiddos I need to shop for) I saw that they had Monsters Inc Blue Ray for $26.99 and Up Blue Ray for $19.99. I had 3 coupons that are explained here It worked out the same as noted on Kristin's blog except Monsters Inc was $3 more. For these 4 items I saved $38 in printable coupons. My grand total was $34.07, I gave her the $10 giftcards that I received at the other Target and then just paid $24.07 OOP

2 different Targets
10 candles
10 refills
2 Clue games
2 Pictureka Flipper
1 Monster Inc Blue Ray combo pack
1 Up Blue Ray combo pack
Total OOP price $38.10 not to bad HUH! That is less then the cost of the Blue Rays.

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