Ads and Coupons and Savings OH MY!!! Walgreen

I told you I was going to check out the Walgreen Register Rewards.

OK, so I saw that if you purchase $20 in Tylenol products, Benadryl products, Sudafed etc you will get $10 in RR. All of my medicine for the kiddos is expired and on my list anyway so why not check it out and see how this works. The first thing I noticed is that the sales prices were not on the product, I just had to hope that the right sales price would work on the register and I have my weekly ad ready for dispute. :)
I also picked up a Childrens Tylenol and Motrin BOGO half off. I needed to get my total to $25 to be able to use the $5 off coupon on the front of this weeks ad.
Now for you all that really know me, you know that I had my list and coupons with totals ready to go. I also had the products I was going to purchase with the $10 RR right then and there. I don't want time to lose this RR so better use it all now. LOL

My total was $21.72 after $13 in coupon. I have a flexible spending HEALTH debit card and all of the items in the above picture are covered under this plan, so I had NO out of pocket expense.

So apparently the $10 was burning a hole in my pants so I went to another Walgreens to try and get the items I was planning.

What I found out at Walgreen is that it is weird. I had coupons for all these items. At first I tried to pay for the Kotex and Johnsons baby wash with the $10 but the computer would not let me use it, even though my subtotal was $11. After adding Baking Powder with a coupon ($.50) it worked. I have no idea WHY. Oh well I paid $2.37 OOP and have another $1 RR for my next visit. I hope I don't lose it before it expires 11/28. Total coupons used for this transaction $4.49

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