Is Walmart doubling coupons?

Doubles at Walmart, What We Know!!

I have good news and bad news!!!

Good News ....
Here is the NEW policy
1. They are doubling all MFG (ONLY) coupons up to $.99. That means $.75 is worth $1.50.
2. They are price matching and using double coupons in WV
3. You must present each coupon with the item you are buying as they are doubling manually and must adjust the individual item, they cannot adjust the total.
4. Limits are as stated on the coupon (no limit stated means no limit)

Walmarts that are doubling, this info is via – readers, so call ahead before you go just to make sure they are and which days.

Madison, Ohio
Charleston, West Virginia
Utah County, Utah ( 7 Walmarts are doubling)
Huntington, West Virginia
Wayne, West Virginia
Findlay, Ohio

Vegas is not on the list at this time.   This is a trial period, hopefully they open it up to other stores. 

Thanks weusecoupons


  1. I hope this makes its way down south to Arkansas :)

  2. You have to present the coupon with the item? That's gonna be a pain on big shopping trips. :-( If they ever even bring it to Vegas, that it!

  3. Good one Melany, I really didn't pay too much attention to that. Yep, another reason why Walmart is not my favorite store. That WOULD be a pain.