#The Organized Cook~ Easy kid friendly meal!

I have a pretty picky little one, especially when it comes to dinner.  The will power that she has is amazing.  We have actually saved her uneaten dinner for breakfast the next day and she will just look at us and sit there.
I have actually been trying to cook different recipes and make my life a little easier at the same time.  Last week I told you about The Organized Cook, well tonight I actually made the Burger Blankets with Veggie Pasta Salad.
I have to admit, I was not sure how it was going to turn out because little Ms. picky HATES burgers.  She did ask to help me prepare the meal,  so I had both my little ones use the rolling pin on the dough.
Here is a picture of my Burger Blankets with Veggie Pasta Salad.  I have to tell you that both my kids and husband LOVED THIS MEAL!  Did you read that?  Even my picky little princess that hates burgers ate this and liked it!  I am so happy that I found another recipe that everyone loves.  I am so thankful to The Organized Cook for another easy and delicious recipe for my family!

Weekly Meal Plan - The Organized Cook™P.S. This is a recipe from the meal plan a couple of weeks ago.  I purchased all the stuff and then had a death in the family and didn't have a chance to cook it until tonight.  

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