Dave Ramsey kits $39

I just love Dave Ramsey.  We have been following The Total Money Makeover for about 5 yrs now.  We were able to pay off our van in 12 months. I can't tell you what a blessing that is not to have to worry about a car payment.  This is a fantastic price for the books you will be getting and worth checking out. 
I am very interested in the Kids Monster Pack.  I want my kids to know early how to handle their money.  I love that my son doesn't think that credit and debit cards are money.  He has only seen me use cash, so when he sees the cards he is confused.   I hope that it is stays that way and both my children only use Cash.  That way he will never be in debt.  That is my hope anyway 

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  1. We use cash, too, mostly. Yesterday at the library my 5 year old wanted her library card so she asked me, "Can I have my debit card please?" LOL! We rarely even use ours! That's a great price on the Jr. set! We homeschool so I'd love to have it.