Vista Print 140 Label~It's not too late

Just got an email that they are extending this deal until 10pm PST tomorrow 6/7. This is a great deal and thought I would remind you. :)
Vista Print is offering 140 Customizable address labels for FREE!!! Just pay shipping $3.50.  I just love Vista Print.  They seem to have everything I need and if you wait long enough, it usually goes on sale for real cheap or FREE. 

Why not get your labels now for the Christmas cards envelopes? I know someone that got labels to mark all her kids books, bags, lunchboxes etc for school.  I usually have a hard time thinking outside the box, if it says address labels I would only think to use them as......address labels.  Think outside the box.  FREE IS FREE!!!

To check out what Vista Print has to offer click on the link or picture to be directed. 

Happy saving!

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