TLC #SinCityRules

I am a born and raised Vegas Girl and I can tell you that I have experienced things here; but I have nothing on the ladies of Sin City Rules. It is like they live in another Vegas.

If you like Real Housewives you are going to love watching Sin City Rules, the new reality show on TLC. It follows 6 high powered women (Kimberly Friedmutter is not pictured above, she shows up in the 4th episode) as they conquer Vegas.

We have only seen 2 episodes, but of course, it is not a TLC reality show without some drama and fighting. To be honest, if everyone on the show got along and ate and drank together like old girlfriends we probably would not watch. Don't lie; you know what I am talking about!

Let's introduce the Cast:
Lori Montoya is the owner of Rain Cosmetics, the first cosmetic company started in Vegas. From what I have seen in the last 2 episodes, Lori seems to be a really nice person. She wants everyone to get along and be friends. TLC has not shown a lot of Lori at this point so I am looking forward to seeing more of her. 

Amy Hanley is the daughter of Tom Hanley, a Vegas Mobster. Her father died when she was 3. It appears from episode 2 that she works for a lawyer and they "make people’s problems go away". I wonder if that was scripted by TLC because of her Mob background. I have known other reality shows that have some not so reality parts in them. She had a medium come to her job (it is above the old jail that her father was in) to "call" her father and get some closure. Personally, that is not something I believe in; but that was something that she felt she needed to do to get the closure she was looking for. I am very lucky that I still have my dad and I don't know what I would be feeling if I lost him. I have actually tweeted directly with Amy a few times and she has been very respectable to me; but it appears from other tweets that drama is on the way.

Alicia Jacobs is a former Entertainment Reporter for NBC. Honestly, she was the only one I recognized before the show started. I hate watching the news but I do remember her segment when Danny Gans died in 2009. I thought it was odd at the time that she crying hysterically over someone she interviewed in the past. During the first episode, she had mentioned that she had dated most everyone that she had interviewed. I don't know if she dated Danny Gans, but that would explain why she was crying so hard.

Jennifer Harman is one of the best poker players in the world! My favorite quote she said on the show was, "I'm a pit bull in a chihuahua's body". Though she is a tiny woman, I know she can whoop the pants of any guy. Jennifer is the only cast member that I got the nerve to talk to at the Red Carpet Premier and I have to say that she seems so genuinely sweet, nice and sincere and is one of my favorite cast members. She won me over when she said, "I am so glad you came!" Now she might have said that to every single person that she came across that night but I didn't hear her say that to anyone else, so it was all about me! So, did you hear that? Jennifer Harman was glad that I came to the Premier to see the show!!! What is not to love about her!!!

Lana Fuchs founded Billionaire Mafia; a luxury clothing, accessories and jewelry company. She doesn't seem to pull any punches. If she feels a certain way about you, you know it. I like that about her, especially because she doesn't hate me (that I know of). She lives a lavish lifestyle. If she wants to do something, she does it, like a shooting picnic. I am not kidding! She invited the whole cast to the desert where they shot guns and had a wonderful Four Seasons catered lunch. Who does that? Yep, if Lana can dream it, Lana plans it and follows through with it.

I was lucky to be one of the bloggers invited, by Lana Fuchs, to watch the second episode with her in her home. I was a bit nervous, I mean she had quite a few bodyguards surrounding her at the premier, I was wondering if they are always around even in her home too. Of course I was going to say yes to her invite. I mean the show is portraying her to be the "mean girl". I have learned that TV editing can make a person look however the producers want them to look so I wanted to know for myself what she was really like. Honestly, I can't find anything that I hate about her. Within the first few minutes with her, she told us to relax and make ourselves at home. We had a great time of "girl" talk. We talked about everything from relationships, parenting and of course Sin City Rules. It was like we were all old friends hanging out.

I received a few calls from my friends that knew I was going to go to Lana's home. They told me that they think Lana is mean; but from what I have seen personally, she is kind and personable. She is a woman of her word! Lana was having a giveaway Sunday night during the Sin City Rules airing across the nation. She was very adamant about making sure the winner was still picked even though TLC showed Sin City Rules an hour early. She said that she wants to make sure a winner was still announced tonight, because that was a promise she made. I like that!

Can't wait to get to know the rest of the cast better!

Have you been watching Sin City Rules? Who is your favorite cast member?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated by anyone to write this post. I just thought because I have been invited to the premier and it is about my home town, Vegas, I would post about the show from my angle. I understand that I don't know all the facts about these cast members. I am going off of my personal experience and what I have seen from the shows that have aired already.


  1. I think you have done a great job of blogging the facts as they have been experienced and seen. I love the fact that you seem to be not swayed one way or another. Keep blogging the facts. I think Jennifer is my favorite.

  2. Cool recap! The show is something to talk about!