Top Secret Recipes

One of the things I am working toward this year is Meal Planning.  It will not only save me time but money as well.   I just found this site Top Secret Recipes, I need as much help as I can get.  They have a ton of recipes from your favorite restaurants.  I am so excited to explore this site further.  

I would love to be the wife and mom that can just whip up our favorite restaurant recipes at home for less.  I saw Outback Steakhouse Alice Spring Chicken, which is my DH's favorite meal there. Now I just need to get the nerve to make it for him. 

I also found Cherry Slurpees. Who doesn't love slurpees!  I am really glad they don't have the recipe for Coke Slurpee because I think I would be stuck in the kitchen making that all day. I LOVE COKE SLURPEES.  

This site is worth looking at!  They not only have individual recipes but books that you can order and have them all on hand. Click HERE to check it out. 

Which recipe or book are you excited about? 

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